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Data Strategy offers technical and strategic data services to small and medium corporations across Scandinavia and Europe.

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You want to plan and scale the growth of your business or department, and want to be data-driven about it. You have some general goals or directives in mind, but aren't totally sure what should happen along the way.

You're hoping that hiring someone with 'data' in their job description will clue you in, but do you need a data scientist? A data analyst? Someone with big data experience? Maybe a machine-learning expert? A team of the above? Maybe you really just need a data dashboard... but what goes in it?

In Data Strategy Development sessions, we'll sit down and discover what your data needs actually are, and come up with an actionable plan (including resources and timeline) to get you to your goals quickly, and make sure you get exactly what you need out of the 'data' world.

You know your data needs. You have a functional data/Business Intelligence pipeline, or have one in the works. But something has changed, or something's blocking you.

It's something too small to warrant a full-time hire, but too big to just throw at someone who already has a full plate.

Maybe the "groundbreaking" machine learning algorithms are just performing so-so, and you want to tune and optimize them further. Maybe they work fine, but the implementation infrastructure was hacked together, and now needs to be deployed in a more scalable way. Maybe there's a new data source whose API is a little too messy and nuanced to drop in directly. Or, maybe you just want to visualize your data in a nicer, prettier way than what you have now.

With Technical Pipleine Work, you'll get such tasks done in a clean and efficient way that respects integrity of the whole data pipeline. Most importantly, your team won't lose time or focus dealing with these 'side' issues.

You don't need in-depth consultation or project work, you just need to ask a data expert a few questions. Somewhat involved questions. Maybe spaced several months apart.

Which modeling algorithm makes the most sense with this data? What visualization service should I use? Should I build my own? How can I store my information? Do I really need a Hadoop cluster? OK, I built out the Hadoop cluster, now what?

With Ask an Expert, you can book a smaller amount of expert time to be used when you need it. You can book meetings or shoot off a few emails when your project grows or hits milestones. Ideal if you have general questions and just need quick answers, or want second opinions on data goals or implementation strategies.

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Wikimedia Foundation

Research Analysis for Global Development strategy


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Kring Consulting

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Data pipeline and strategy

Colombia National Statistics

Joint work via Lapidus Interactive

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